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Blog Posts in August

  • blue tiled shower

    Cold Water Not Coming Out of the Shower

    The only thing worse than a cold shower is a scorching-hot one. If there’s no cold water in your shower, you’ve come to the right ...

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  • Shower head

    How Does a Shower Diverter Work?

    The bathroom is your temporary getaway from the stresses of life. You close the door, turn on the shower, and sing your troubles ...

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  • How to Change a Showerhead

    How to Change a Showerhead Most showerheads can simply be unscrewed from the shower arm. Before you grab any hand tools, try to ...

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  • Clogged bathtub

    How to Unclog a Bathtub

    You roll out of bed and make your way into the bathroom. You’re ready for a refreshing shower to start your day off right. But as ...

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