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Home Maintenance Schedule Highlights Essential Plumbing Upkeep

“Out of sight,” shouldn’t mean “out of mind” when it comes to your plumbing. As experts in the industry, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of maintaining your plumbing system. A few simple preventative maintenance tasks performed seasonally can definitely prevent expensive repairs.

GetNeighborly.com agrees, which is why they included plumbing maintenance in their recently published Home Maintenance Schedule. The schedule assigns important home maintenance tasks around the house by season, ensuring you don’t miss anything important before the first frost, or when you turn on the sprinklers. Neighborly is a national network of local home service professionals dedicated to providing trustworthy advice and repairs.

Their Home Maintenance Schedule recommends cleaning out your garbage disposable to keep the blades sharp and to avoid buildup of debris in the unit. Neighborly also suggests that homeowners test their sump pump, flush the water heater, and check the water heater relief valve in spring and fall.

For homeowners looking for help, the checklist recommends Mr. Rooter for professional service and advice.

Download and print the entire Home Maintenance Schedule at GetNeighborly.com to ensure you don't miss any important maintenance this season or next.