Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

Furnished Bathroom

The bathroom is probably one of the first rooms you’ll like to set up in your new apartment -- after all, it’s one of the most used!. The ultimate goal is an abode that’s a pleasant and functional oasis for you, and suitable for guests. You may not need luxurious towels and soap on the first night, but over time, a bathroom is where you can spend a bit without going overboard.

To start, You’ll need the following essentials on hand the day you move into your new apartment:

Toilet paper.

Shower curtain and liner. An opaque shower curtain will help to hide an unsightly tub or shower.

Bath towels and washcloths. Start with at least two of each.

Hand Soap. Consider a small bottle with a pump so there will be no need for a soap dish.

Hand Towels. You don’t want the movers using your bath towels to dry their hands.

If you don’t already have one, consider completing your set-up with the following:

Toilet paper holder. If the room does not already have a holder, buy a free-standing holder where you can also store extra toilet paper.

Trash can. Pick one with a lid.

Toothbrush holder. Many newer toothbrush holders also serve as sanitizers

Bath mat. Look for durability and comfort over everything.

Storing cleaning essentials near the toilet will ensure that you and your guests can keep the room hospitable. You’ll likely need:

Plunger and toilet bowl brush. Each should be in their own caddy and stored behind the toilet.

A multi-surface cleaner

Air Freshener

Finally, for a minor investment, you can add the special touches that will make your new room really shine. High-end soaps and lotions are a treat for you and your guests. For even more pampering, you can splurge on a towel warmer or add a teak bench. Even a small potted plant can make your bathroom décor appear complete.

If you’re in the market for new bathroom appliances, maintenance work, or just need an estimate on your next job, be sure to contact a professional team for your work. A room like the bathroom deserves top-notch treatment and attention!