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Blog Posts in November

  • There's No Cold Water in My Shower, Only Hot

    If there’s anything worse than a cold shower, it’s one that is scalding hot! If your shower only sprays hot water, no matter how ...

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  • Uh-oh! How to Get a Necklace Out of the Sink

    If you are wondering how to get a necklace out of the sink drain, it’s safe to say you are in a bit of a panic. Take a deep breath ...

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  • Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink?

    Ever heard that putting coffee grounds down the sink can clean or freshen the scent in the drain? Don’t fall prey to the myth! You ...

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  • Why Am I Running Out of Hot Water Faster Than Before?

    A cold shower is no one’s idea of a good start to the morning! If you and your family members are noticing you are running out of ...

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