How to Measure a Toilet for Replacement

Measuring toilet for replacement
No piece of household equipment lasts forever. Even something as stable as your toilet eventually needs to be replaced. Over the years, older toilets can develop leaks, wear out old components, or become outdated. When that happens, replacement is often the best option.

Once you decide to go down the path of replacement, you need to make sure to get the right toilet. This comes down to more than just cost and features. It boils down to something much simpler — size. That’s right, not every toilet fits in every bathroom. You need to make sure to measure your existing toilet accurately to ensure that the new one will fit in its place.

Here’s how to ensure your replacement toilet will fit in your bathroom.

How to Measure for a Replacement Toilet

Fortunately, measuring a toilet is easier than measuring yourself for a suit. All you need is a standard tape measure and a few minutes. Once you have that in hand, follow this guide to get all the proper measurements.

Tank Height

First, you want to ensure that your new toilet will fit beneath shelves, tower racks, or whatever else is currently above your old toilet. To measure tank height, run your tape measure from the floor to the top of the tank lid. Take the measurement at the very top edge of the tank lid for an accurate number.

Toilet Depth

Toilet bowls come in two shapes, round and oval. Round bowls are smaller and take up less floor space. They also tend to be ideal for shorter people and children. Oval bowls are longer and more comfortable for most adults but take up more space in your bathroom.

To measure the toilet depth, run your tape measure from the front of the seat to the back of the tank. Depending on whether or not you like the depth of your current toilet, select a tank with a similar bowl size, a deeper bowl, or a shallower bowl.

Rough-in Measurement

Rough-in measurement refers to the span between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the waste pipe. To get this measurement, measure from the wall to the middle of the bolt caps (caps of the bolts that hold your toilet to the floor). If you have a toilet with four bolt caps, measure from the wall to the rear set of bolt caps.

Once you have all these measurements, take them to a home improvement store and use them to purchase a new toilet that will fit in your bathroom.

Looking for Professional Help Changing out a Toilet?

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