An Outdoor Shower — Good Idea or A Waste of Money?

Outdoor shower sprinkling water with foliage in background.

When you think of an outdoor shower, what image comes to mind?

Maybe you imagine a luxurious, waterfront beach house or upscale resort. What you don’t normally think of is your family’s home, complete with your wet, mud-soaked children and dirt-loving four-legged friends. But the truth of the matter is, an outdoor shower can be a great addition to your family's home. Not only can it increase your home’s overall value, it’s also a great addition the entire family can use! Just think: you’ll have less mess tracked throughout the house plus reduced bath time for the kids, both of which mean more free time for you. In fact, your kids may get such a kick out of showering outside that they may want to do it more often. And with outdoor showers now available in a variety of different price ranges, you can add one to your home without breaking the bank.

Keep the Mess Outside

It’s like a scene from a horror movie: handprints and footprints plaster your once pristine hallway and tile floor. There are muddy shoes and dirt-ridden t-shirts scattered around the house. It’s a scene many parents are all too familiar with. It can be exhausting and time consuming to constantly clean up after everyone day in and day out. Even if you give the standard lecture of what shoes go where and how to clean up prior to parading through the house, it seems to always fall on deaf ears. Adding an outdoor shower to your home will not only save your walls and floors, it may save you a lot of time, too. Because the less time you spend making sure the kids don’t flood the bathroom floor, the more time you have to do other things. And as any parent will tell you, time is a valuable and precious resource that should be cherished. Whether you have a pool, garden, a sandy or a grassy backyard, kids always find a way to transport what should stay OUTSIDE, inside, which is why outdoor showers are perfect. With an outdoor shower, the kids can rinse off outside so the outdoors actually stay outdoors.

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Reduced Bath Time and Water Consumption

Another great time-saving benefit you get by installing an outdoor shower is reduced bath time. Although bathing can be fun for kids, it can be a time-consuming process for parents. Plus, all that splashing around can get a little messy at times. With an outdoor shower, you can give the kids a quick rinse-off. This saves you a lot of scrub-a-dub dubbing and helps reduce the number of baths your kids have to take. An outdoor shower also helps kids get used to showering instead of bathing. The transition from baths to showers will cut down on the fuss and mess associated with bath time and can help reduce your overall water consumption, which may even lower your water bill.

Bonus: Kids Might Actually Enjoy Cleaning Up

Here’s another bonus/benefit of an outdoor shower: kids may just love it! An outdoor shower is like giving your kids permission to play in the rain. Not many kids are going to pass up such an opportunity. So as the kids get clean splashing around outside, they also keep the mess outside and save you time in the process. It’s a win, win, win situation. An outdoor shower just might mean that your days of pleading with the kids to take a bath are over. Add a few toys, or maybe a water squirter or two, and the kids will start looking forward to their outdoor shower time. With all the cleaning going on, they may even want to clean up around the house more often. Besides, happier, cleaner kids will make parents happy too!

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Installing and Choosing Your Outdoor Shower

Now that you know what a fantastic, time-saving addition an outdoor shower can be to your family's home, you’re probably wondering what’s next? Well, before you can install your outdoor shower, have your plumbing assessed to determine if any special adjustments or plumbing is needed prior to installation. This way you can purchase the right outdoor shower, at the best price, for your family’s needs. Since every situation is different, it’s best to seek advice from a local plumbing professional like Mr. Rooter. Mr. Rooter has the knowledge to answer any questions and the experience to make installation a hassle-free process. And with our good, better, best service options, you can choose which installation fits your budget and your needs. Then, the next time you think of an outdoor shower, all you’ll have to do is peek into your own backyard!