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Children Easter egg hunting in backyard

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for a Large Gathering

Holidays like Easter are a great time to bring friends and family together to celebrate. While these gatherings might be a lot of fun, they can also be tough on the plumbing in your kitchen and bathroom. Before you have your next large get-together, check out these tips to help prevent a major plumbing emergency in your home.

Keep Greasy Foods Out of Your Drain

While some of the best foods are fried and greasy, keeping them out of your drain is a must. Grease solidifies as it cools, so it will often harden in your pipes as it travels down, leading to blockages.

Before you wash any plates, pots, or pans in the sink or dishwasher, make sure to wipe off any grease leftover on the dish. Paper plates also are another great option as they can just be thrown away once they have been used.

Put out Trash Cans

Placing empty trash cans in your kitchen and bathroom(s) is a great way to make sure your guests throw out garbage instead of flushing it down your toilet or putting it in your garbage disposal. Make sure you place these wastebaskets in places they can be easily found and show your guests where they are to avoid anyone missing them.

Watch What You Put in Your Disposal

While garbage disposals are a great tool, they do have some limitations that many people are not aware of. Any form of greasy food, stringy food, water-absorbing carbohydrate (Pasta, Rice, Bread), or bones can cause severe clogs and damage your garbage disposal.

Utilize Strainers

To prevent clogs in your pipes from the increased usage of your shower or kitchen, try placing strainers in your drains. These tools catch any food particles or hair that threatens to plug up your plumbing.

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