Unprepared for Heavy Summer Rains

It seems that each year brings more and more rainfall to Bergen County, and with increased rain come increased problems to a building’s plumbing. Most property owners are aware of the dangers indoors, keeping an eye on basement sump pumps and preparing to evacuate if flooding is ever severe. However, oftentimes preparations outdoors are overlooked. On your list of items to inspect in anticipation of heavy rain should be a routine inspection of your storm drain, which plays a crucial role in the prevention of excess water pooling in the area.

Storm drain pipes carry rainwater away from your home and deposits it into inlets, where the water joins the sewer system. Generally, this system operates smoothly without the need for intervention, but on occasion, the pipes can become damaged, or the inlet itself can get clogged. If caught early enough, both of these issues can be resolved quickly and with little effort. On the other hand, if they go unnoticed for prolonged periods of time, the effects can be costly.

Focus on Preventative Actions Instead of Reactive Actions

The worst time to start inspecting your drainage system is right in the middle of a storm when it’s already too late. By then, the amount of damage will be vast, and the difficulty of repairs high. That’s why it’s best to take advantage of the summertime to start scheduling regular checks of your storm drain well ahead of the rainy season, in addition to other routine maintenance.

Specialists at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Bergen County are able to handle all sorts of complex situations when necessary, but they are also well-practiced at addressing minor issues throughout the year to ensure that the plumbing in your property is in good shape to handle any sort of weather. Contact us today, and we’ll help stop the tiniest of inconveniences from becoming a full-blown financial nightmare.