Few people ever consider how many drains they have in their house or what they would do if one of them stopped working. We rely on all of the drains in our home for completing daily activities. Everything from rinsing off an apple in the kitchen sink to brushing your teeth in the bathroom, when a drain is slow-moving or clogged your day can be greatly impacted.

Having a slow-moving or semi-clogged drain is a minimal inconvenience that can turn into a big problem quickly if not addressed. Each part of your plumbing system relies on the other parts to be working properly. If a slow-moving drain goes left unchecked, and the problem goes uncorrected, the repercussions can be very costly – and messy! As soon as you notice a sluggish drain, call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing in Ridgewood. Our highly-trained drain system experts can quickly and easily clear the clog and save you future problems and costly repairs.

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Some examples of drains that Mr. Rooter can assist with include:

  • Bathroom drains – Toothpaste, hair, and beauty products residue can build-up and cause the sink to drain slowly.
  • Kitchen drains – Food particles, grease, and soap rinse down the drain and over time start to build-up on the inside of the drain pipe.
  • Toilet drains – These clogs are usually caused by flushing baby wipes, feminine napkins, and the occasional toy.

The highly-trained team at Mr. Rooter of Ridgewood has the equipment and the experience to clear all types of clogged drains. We will always provide you with a written estimate before we begin work, and you will never be charged a fee for work done on weekends or during evening hours. From the moment that you call our office, you will be treated with respect and professionalism. The technicians at Mr. Rooter are fully licensed and dedicated to providing the highest-quality customer service, and are proud to be the first choice in drain cleaning and clog repair services for all residential and commercial customers.

When you call Mr. Rooter you are calling the best! We will arrive at your job on time, with the proper equipment, and a mat to wipe our feet before entering your home or workplace. Let Mr. Rooter of Ridgewood take away the stress caused by any drainage problems!

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