Does a Tankless Water Heater Increase Your Home Value?

Does a Tankless Water Heater Increase Your Home Value?

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, adding a tankless water heater to your features is a great place to start. According to a study conducted by Zillow, homes with tankless water heaters sold for 4% more than their expected value. On average, these homes also sold 43 days faster than expected.

Reasons Why Tankless Water Heaters Increase Your Value

1. Energy Efficiency Can Save in the Long Run does recommend tankless water heaters as a more efficient alternative for homes. Depending on the amount of water used daily, tankless water heaters can range between 34-14% more efficiently than their tank counterparts.

Additionally, energy efficiency can save you money. On average, people that make the switch to tankless save about $80 a month on their electric bill. Even though a tankless water heater is an initial investment, you can quickly make up the difference and start saving beyond.

2. Extra Space for Storage

Traditional tank water heaters take up a lot of space and valuable floor real estate in your garage or basement. Because tankless water heaters are fitted to the wall, they can create about 10-15 square feet of additional space. That extra space can be very attractive to potential buyers, instead of seeing an area where they can’t store more things.

3. Compete with “Smart” Homes

Looking at the housing market, you can see that features like wireless security systems and EnergyStar-rated HVAC units have gone from “upgrades” to “must-haves”. Technological advancements are being integrated into every home, and a tankless water heater can help boost your feature list against these new and shiny Smart Homes.

4. The New House-Buying Market Is “Green”

The new generation of house buyers cares a lot about sustainability and environmental responsibility. They are more willing to pay higher costs for products and services that are sustainable. Making improvements to your home that align with this demographic’s desires can make your home more desirable on the market.

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