Sewer System Repairs in Crystal River, FL

We Perform Sewer System Backup Services

Problems with your sewer system can be unsanitary and unhealthy. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Crystal River provides residential sewer system backup services to homeowners in Crystal River, FL, and the surrounding areas. Tree roots and debris sometimes get stuck in your plumbing pipes, disrupting the flow of your sewer system. Our plumbing technicians can repair and re-pipe any plumbing system. We customize our services to your property. Our team offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services to give you peace of mind.

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Common Sewer System Backup Signs

Paying attention to common sewer system backup signs can save you time and hassle. The most common signs you may have a sewer system clog include the following:

  • Drain backups throughout your home
  • Sewage odors near drains or outside
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing
  • Water backup in your toilet or drains

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We Solve Tree Root Intrusion Issues

Tree roots are constantly looking for hydration and sometimes find it in your home’s sewer pipe leaks. The roots slip through cracks and holes, clogging your plumbing system. Our team solves tree-root intrusion issues with multiple solutions, including:

  • Hydrojetting– Hydrojetting treatments blast your pipes with pressurized water. It quickly eliminates tree roots or other debris.
  • Pipelining – We eliminate water leaks by lining and sealing your pipes with a sleeve. This method is less invasive than many other plumbing solutions.
  • Rooter Work & Drain Cleaning – We blast through your tree root clog, clearing the line. Our plumbing experts will examine the extent of the tree root intrusion and recommend lasting solutions.
  • Pipe Bursting – Pipe bursting is a permanent fix that uses hydraulics to burst apart your existing piping. We install a seamless new pipe in its place.
  • Maintenance– Preventative maintenance is the best way to stay on top of plumbing issues. We routinely inspect and treat any plumbing issues.

Common Septic System Backup Signs

If your home’s septic tank backs up, you may have much bigger problems than clogs. We take septic systems backups very seriously and offer fast solutions. Contact us immediately if you notice any of the common septic system backup signs, including:

  • The black liquid in drains or toilets
  • Slow-draining toilet
  • Foul odors on the property
  • Multiple slow-moving drains
  • Strange algae or weeds growing in the water near your home
  • Lush, green grass over your septic system
  • Bacteria in your water well

Preventing Sewer System Backups

It’s critical to always pay attention to potential clogs. We understand the seriousness of tree root intrusions and sewer backups. We can repair clogs caused by any product with our innovative techniques. We recommend planting new trees far away from your absorption field and routinely pumping your tank. It’s critical to sign up for our Advantage Plan to receive regular plumbing maintenance services.

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We proudly offer comprehensive plumbing solutions for homeowners in Crystal River, The Villages, and Inverness, FL. We are here to help you with all your plumbing problems and ensure your plumbing system works at optimal levels. Contact us today to request a job estimate on sewer system backup repair costs.

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