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Water Heater Repair in Fort Bend

Conventional and tankless water heaters are important components of your Fort Bend plumbing system, and one that is used on a daily basis. Do not wait until your water heater fails before you have it checked by a pro. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your water heater, or that maybe it is time to replace it, call Mr. Rooter now. We highly recommend upgrading to a tankless water heater, as these

Many things can damage and affect your water heater’s ability to provide you with hot water including the following:

  • Rusting – Because of the constant exposure of water heaters to water, heat, and air, rusting is one of the most common water heater issues. Rusting can happen to both the internal and exterior structure of a water heater. When this does occur, it compromises the water heater’s integrity, making it unsafe because of the chances that it may crack or break and eventually fall down. Although a rusty water heater may still be able to provide you with hot water (although not as good as it once did) you will notice that the water coming out of the tap and the shower are discolored and have a slight smell.
  • Sediment Buildup – Over time, water heaters accumulate sediments which make them unable to heat water properly. These sediments are actually minerals like calcium and lime found in hard water. When hard water is heater, these sediments get deposited along the walls and the bottom of the tank. As these sediments buildup, they form an insulating film which makes the water heating process slower. In addition, the “accidental” insulation makes the bottom of the tank hotter, causing it to overheat and possibly melting the electrical wirings underneath your water heater.
  • Insufficient Capacity – if you have a tank that is not big enough to service you and your family’s needs, then it has to force itself to work harder in order for everyone to have hot water. In such a situation, your water heater will have to constantly keep heating and re-heating the cold water. The constant exposure to the cold and the heat has an effect on metal, causing it to contract and expand, which somehow weakens the metal’s composition.
  • No Maintenance – Water heaters, like all your other plumbing systems and fixtures, need to be regularly inspected and maintained in order for it to continue functioning properly. Without regular maintenance, all of the above problems and causes of water heater failure will develop into full blown disasters. With maintenance, technicians will be able to spot rusts and clean them up before they start spreading. They will also be able to filter out and flush away the sediments before they become too thick. They will also be able to determine your water usage and if your tank is capable of delivering such an amount without any risk of damage.

So next time you are having any water heater issues, of any kind,give us a call. We never change an overtime charge or trip fees.