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Fast, Reliable Drain Unclogging

While some clogged drains can be quickly cleared with a plunger and drain clog remover, others need more serious work. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hattiesburg, we can clear even the most stubborn residential clogged drains in Hattiesburg, MS. Our drain unclogging techniques are fast and easy, so you and your family can get back to using your plumbing appliances again. If your drain is clogged and you don't have the time, energy, or tools to fix it yourself, call our 24/7 live answering service. We'll quickly send one of our service professionals to your door for thorough drain unclogging services.

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Mr. Rooter plumber working on a clogged drain under a sinkDIY Drain Unclogging at Home

Before calling our service professionals, you can try some DIY drain unclogging methods. Drain clog remover and a plunger can solve many residential clogged drains. Follow these tips for trying each method:

  • Using Drain Clog Remover - You can use drain clog remover on kitchen and bathroom sinks without standing water. If you pour drain clog remover in standing water around a drain, it's more likely to splash up in your face. Plus, if it doesn't unclog the drain, the drain clog remover sits in the sink, causing damage and corrosion. You also shouldn't use drain clog remover on a garbage disposal drain. Always follow the instructions on the bottle carefully, and wear gloves and safety glasses. After pouring in the liquid, let it sit for at least 30 minutes (some instructions say to leave it overnight). Then flush the drain with hot running water for about 15 minutes. If this doesn't work, don't pour another type of drain clog remover into the drain to try again - this could cause a dangerous chemical reaction in the pipes.
  • Using a Plunger - You can use a plunger on a clogged toilet or clogged sink. It is unlikely to work on a clogged bathtub or shower drain. When plunging a sink, use a cup plunger. Ensure there is enough water in the sink to cover the head of the plunger. Then place it over the drain and plunge it forcefully for a few minutes. Remove the plunger to see if the water goes down. If it doesn't, try again. You can try a plumbing snake or auger if it still doesn't go down. When plunging a toilet, use an accordion plunger. Place the bottom into the toilet hole and plunge up and down about 10-15 times. Pull the plunger out and see if the water goes down. If it doesn't, try again - this time 20-25 times. If this doesn't work, you need a professional to unclog the drain.

Signs You Have a Stubborn Clogged Drain

If you’ve tried drain clog remover, a plunger, a plumbing snake, and more to unclog your drain, you may have a stubborn clog deep in your pipes. These types of clogged drains can’t be fixed using home remedies. If you notice signs of a stubborn clogged drain, call us for residential clogged drain service:

  • There are pools of water around the drain, or the drain empties very slowly.
  • Your bathtub or shower floor is slippery from built-up soap scum due to a slow drain.
  • When you flush the toilet, water backs up into the shower, sink, or tub.
  • The sink drains make strange noises when you use the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Your kitchen drain smells like rotting food.
  • You suddenly have a lot of fruit flies or drain flies in your kitchen.
  • You've found insects, roaches, or rodents in your sinks or near plumbing fixtures.
  • The drains make gurgling or bubbling noises.
  • You have more than one clogged drain at a time.
  • Your toilet won't flush, or its water level stays very low.

Call Us When Your Drain Is Clogged

When you have a clogged drain, you want it fixed quickly so you can return to using your sink, toilet, garbage disposal, and other plumbing fixtures. We want to get your drains working again so you and your family can be comfortable. Our service professionals work as efficiently as possible with little disruption to your routine. We always show up on time, wearing a uniform and driving a company vehicle, so you know you're opening your door to someone you can trust. We also care about keeping costs low for our customers, so we're upfront and transparent about our pricing. We offer flat-rate prices for many plumbing services and offer job estimates online, so you know exactly what to expect before we arrive. Plus, we never charge overtime fees.

Call Today for Speedy Drain Unclogging in Hattiesburg, MS

If you know it's time for professional drain unclogging in Hattiesburg, MS, call us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hattiesburg. We'll get in and out of your home as fast as possible, and we never leave a mess behind. We use powerful drain-unclogging tools that cut through stubborn buildup deep in your pipes. We can also provide routine plumbing maintenance services that lower your risk of another clogged drain in the future. Call our 24/7 live answering service, schedule an appointment online, or request a job estimate through our website.

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