Sewer System Repairs in La Salle, IL

Servicing Backed-Up Sewer Systems

When your sewer system is backed up, we’re here to help. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Illinois Valley provides sewer system repairs for La Salle, IL, homeowners. Our plumbing technicians are experts in repairing sewer systems damaged by tree roots or other issues. We offer field experience to re-pipe and repair all types of plumbing systems. Our knowledgeable team understands that backed-up sewer systems can lead to significant damage in your home, so we’ll respond quickly and find an efficient solution. Contact us today for a quote!

Mr. Rooter plumber arriving to fix sewer system backups

Signs of a Sewer System Backup

Knowing the most common signs of a sewer system backup is essential to help catch a clog before it becomes a severe issue. The most common warning signs of a sewer system backup include the following:

  • Strange odors coming from drains
  • Water backup from the shower, sinks, or toilet
  • Pools of water in your basement
  • Gurgling sounds

Do Tree Roots Cause Plumbing Clogs?

Tree roots are one of the leading causes of plumbing clogs. Tree roots search for hydration and often find it in the leaks in your pipes. Roots can slip through tiny cracks and holes in your sewage systems and continue growing as they exploit moisture in the area. Tree roots can cause pipes to burst or back up into your home. The most common ways to tree roots invading your pipes include:

  • Hydro Jetting – Hydro jetting includes utilizing pressurized water jets to blast through debris, tree roots, and other buildups.
  • Drain Cleaning – We restore the functionality of your sewer lines by punching through tree roots and clearing the lines.
  • Pipelining – Pipelining uses a sleeve to seal the sewer pipe and resolve water leakage without demolishing your property.
  • Maintenance – We offer a maintenance plan to routinely inspect and clean your drains to help eliminate grease, tree roots, and other debris
  • Pipe Bursting – Our technicians use hydraulics to break apart clay, cast iron, and PVC pipes to install seamless pipes.

When Is It Time To Call Plumbing Professionals?

When you experience clogs in your drain, contact our plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Illinois Valley. Our team will attempt to unclog your drains with a cable device or drain auger. If this doesn’t work, we’ll use our more advanced methods. We will unclog the drains if you have a tree root intrusion issue, built-up debris, thick toilet paper, soap residue, or any other item blocking your sewage. Our plumbing technicians work to find the plumbing issue and provide an efficient solution.

Septic System Backup Warning Signs

Septic tank backups should be addressed as soon as possible before they become significant issues. Once you notice drains going slower, we will help prevent system-wide plumbing issues. We offer septic system backup solutions that help prevent contamination from spreading around your property. The most common signs of septic system backup include the following:

  • Smelly odors throughout your home
  • Slow-flushing toilet
  • Wastewater pooling on the ground near your septic system
  • Black, smelly liquid in drains and/or toilets
  • A large amount of grass over your septic system
  • Multiple slow-draining drains in your home
  • Weeds or algae growing in ponds near your home
  • Bacteria in wells due to leaking septic system liquid

How Do I Prevent a Sewer System Backup?

A sewer system backup poses a health threat to your family, so it’s essential to take action if you notice any signs of problems. Regular sewer system maintenance helps prevent tree root damage and leaking sewage. We recommend pumping your tank regularly and never planting trees around your home’s absorption field. Our Advantage Plan can help you save money on costly plumbing damages by catching them before they spread. Contact us today to request an estimate on our plumbing services!