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As Winter Approaches, Time to Check Your Bathroom & Kitchen Caulking!

As the fall season comes to a close and we move into the last few weeks before winter, it is important to use this time to finish up any last minute maintenance projects around your home that will prepare your plumbing for winter weather.

Among projects like insulating exterior pipes, fixing leaks, and stowing garden hoses, double-checking your home for openings or cracks where rain water or snowfall can enter wall cavities is an important step for preventing flooding and water damage.

Caulk is a substance with many uses, it provides a barrier which can prevent moisture from damaging parts of your home, it can be used to close small gaps and cracks, and it can seal plumbing fixtures to prevent mold and mildew growth.

  • Toilet: Using caulk around the base of a toilet will help to stabilize the toilet and keep it from shifting from its position. If you notice that the caulking around the base of your toilet is cracking or missing in spots, use a tube of plumbing caulk and re-apply.
  • Shower: To prevent mold and mildew from growing on the various parts of your shower, use caulking to seal gaps and spaces around the fixtures and trim. This will prevent water from seeping behind the shower walls.
  • Bathroom Sink: Caulking is used to keep the bathroom sinks adhered to the vanity cabinet, and to keep the back splash securely affixed to the bathroom wall. These areas are especially susceptible to water damage because of the splashing and dripping that occurs while the bathroom sink is in use.
  • Kitchen Sink: In the kitchen, caulking is one of the key materials for preventing water damage. It can be used to create a secure seal around the sink where it attaches to the counter. Water damage in the kitchen can lead to mildew and mold growth, which can cause an unsanitary environment for meal preparation and food storage.

During these next few weeks of fall, create some time to inspect the kitchen and bathrooms in your home for deteriorating caulk around your plumbing fixtures. When the winter weather hits and you’re dealing with heavy rainfall and snow, this extra maintenance will limit the chances of water damage to your home. If you have any questions or for any help in winterizing your plumbing contact Mr. Rooter Of Jackson and Josephine County today!