Mr. Rooter Septic System Installation in Medford, OR

Septic Tanks:

Many homeowners in Medford and Grants Pass use a septic tank as opposed to a public sewer system. While this is usually because a public system is not available for use, it is still an effective and efficient way to treat your waste water while it leaves your home. Septic tanks are cost-effective because they are designed to work without needing repairs as long as they are properly installed and maintained. In fact, your septic tank should last for many decades, or the entire time you own your home. The tank portion of your septic tank is large in size, usually between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons, and is made from sturdy substances such as concrete, to further cost effectiveness. When waste enters the tank, the different types of liquid and solids separate, depending on their weight and type. Liquids float to the top of the tank and more solid materials sink to the bottom. While inside the tank, most of the waste is partially decomposed and then it is either evaporated into the air or is absorbed into the soil and roots of nearby trees and bushes. If you have any questions about the pumping, repair, maintenance, or installation of your septic tank, the team of plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Medford and Grants Pass are more than happy to assist you.

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Septic Tank Pumping:

How often your septic tank is pumped depends upon the tank and how it is used by you and your family. A smaller tank will need to be pumped more often than a larger tank and a large family will need to have their tank pumped more often than if a single person is using it. If you continually flush non-biodegradable items into your septic tank, you may need to have it pumped more often so that the items do not cause clogging. There are many older homes in Grants Pass and Medford and these older homes may have older septic tanks that might require more frequent pumping. Some insurance policies or states also have guidelines as to how often your septic tank should be pumped, and the knowledgeable plumbers at Mr. Rooter can advise you on how often yours should be pumped.

Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair:

Preventative maintenance is important for your septic tank, just as it is for all your major home appliances. When your septic tank is not maintained properly, it can be very costly to make necessary repairs and replacements. When you have your septic tank inspected routinely, the plumbers at Mr. Rooter of the Medford and Grants Pass area will examine the tank for any cracks or corrosion which could lead to major damage to your home and landscaping. Septic tanks that are not inspected regularly can cause sewage to seep into your yard which would lead to expensive repairs for your entire landscaping. Sewage can also back up into your home if the tank is malfunctioning, which not only is quite messy but could be irreparable damage to your floors and furniture. In between your professional septic tank inspections and having it pumped, there are many things you can do each day to ensure your septic tank continues to work. Items that are not biodegradable should never be flushed into your septic tank. In addition, chemicals such as bleach, pesticides, and paints can also cause damage to the tank itself and should never be washed into the septic tank. After our inspection is complete, we will advise you on any necessary repairs that may need to be done to keep your septic tank working for many more years to come.

Septic Tank Installation:

Whether you are having a new septic tank installed or your existing one replaced, you cannot match the experience and expertise of the Mr. Rooter team in Medford and Grants Pass. Septic tank installation should only be done by a plumber that specializes in the field of septic tanks, due to the importance of where to install and the types of septic tanks. A larger home should have a larger septic tank, especially if you have or plan to have a larger family. In regards to the installation of your septic tank, location is a very vital consideration. Installing your septic tank too close in proximity to any trees could lead to future damage from the roots of these trees. However, the septic tank needs to be installed close enough to your home to allow it to work efficiently enough to get the job done. When you need a septic tank installed, you can have confidence with the experience and knowledge of Mr. Rooter every time.

The septic tank in this diagram is connected to the house by a clean-out. Once the wastes are in the septic tank, they are moved out into the leach field.

Septic tank elements

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