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My Garbage Disposal Smells, What Should I Do?

As we move away from hot summer days and picnic dinners in the evening, the cooler fall weather inspires indoor activities. This is a time for family get-togethers and eating large meals together. Along with this joyous time comes meal prep, which means the plumbing in the kitchen needs to be in top working order – especially the garbage disposal! Follow these simple rules of what not to do and keep your garbage disposal in top working order so that your entertaining goes off without a hitch!

  • Don’t grind anything that is not food in your garbage disposal e.g., paper, metal, or plastic
  • Don’t grind anything that is combustible
  • Don’t pour fat, oil, or grease down the drain or into your garbage disposal. Grease will eventually build-up and form a sludge that will prevent your garbage disposal from working properly.
  • Don’t use hot water when grinding waste. This will allow solid fats to soften and accumulate.
  • Don’t grind foods that are fibrous such as; celery, artichokes, or corn husks. The fibers of these foods can get wrapped around your disposal blades like hair and cause the motor to burn out.
  • Don’t grind materials without running the water, and don’t turn the water off before you turn off the disposal.
  • Don’t put too many potato peels in your garbage disposal. These are very starchy vegetables and too much starch can cause a thick paste that can gum –up the blades.
  • Don’t use caustic chemicals in your garbage disposal like bleach or drain cleaners. These products can damage pipes and disposal blades by causing corrosion.

Your garbage disposal can be a very helpful appliance when preparing meals. However, even if you follow the above rules of thumb, it is natural for your garbage disposal to eventually begin to emit nasty smells. To prevent or remove these odors you can:

  • Grind citrus peels like lemons or oranges. The oils from these fruits work to naturally clean and neutralize odors in your garbage disposal.
  • Freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray and drop a couple down the garbage disposal periodically. The vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and the ice will sharpen the disposal blades.
  • Sprinkle no more than 4 tablespoons of Borax into your garbage disposal and let it sit for one hour. Then turn on the water and flush it away.

Luckily, by following a few simple tips you can easily keep your garbage disposal in proper working order. However, if you need garbage disposal repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Oregon for fast and courteous service!

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