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Five Indications Your Septic Tank Is Full

Septic tanks require regular maintenance. If they are not emptied on time, several other problems will follow. To help residents of greater Medford area keep their tanks working smoothly, Mr. Rooter of Southern Oregon offers this primer to help you understand what your tank is telling you.

Warning Signs

Here are some of the problem signals you should watch for:

  1. Standing water – If heavy rains have not happened recently and you find water standing in your lawn on top of your septic tank, it is full. Solid waste builds up and blocks the drain; as a result, the water seeps out to the surface.
  2. Slow draining – If a drain in your home takes time to fully empty, a clog on that line is the likely culprit. If all your drains and toilets drain slowly, a more serious problem exists, either in the lines or at the septic tank. Try septic-safe drain cleaners; if that fails, the tank is full.
  3. Overwhelming odors – All your waste goes through your septic system. As a result, a lot of noxious fumes build up inside. The tank is designed to vent that gas, but sometimes, when the tank is full, it sends it back up through your drains.
  4. Lawn growth – Properly operating septic tanks send the wastewater to a drain field away from the home and tank. If the tank is full, this system breaks down and the water stays around the tank, a slow leak causing your grass to grow extremely well there.
  5. Sewer backup – A plugged septic tank may send sewage back into your home. If it does, you’ll first spot this in the lowest drains in the home, most likely in the basement.


Your tank requires regular maintenance and annual inspections to ensure efficient operation. Experts state you should have professional inspections every three years and full pumping every three to five years. If you have an alternative septic system in place, schedule inspections every year and check that a service agreement covers all mechanized parts.

If you spot any of these indications from your septic tank, call Mr. Rooter of Southern Oregon today. We can have a highly trained professional come to your home and give you a free estimate on any work needed.