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Signs You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

You may have a plumbing emergency and not know whom to call. If your emergency has to do with a gas line, call emergency services if you smell gas in the home. Once the emergency team gives the all-clear, you can call for repair services of your gas line if needed. Everything else is an emergency call to your plumber unless someone is hurt, or your home is damaged, and its structure isn’t stable.

  • If you start to see puddles of water around your appliances, you could be working your way toward an emergency.
  • If you see water in your cabinets or water stains, then you probably have a slow leak that impacts your pipes to have leaks when the drain is slow. This can cause structural damage, mold, and mildew.
  • If your hot water heater is making sounds that are like popping or cracking, then you need to call a plumber right away. This could be many things like it needs to be flushed, but it could also mean that the tank is damaged. You may also just need an element replaced.
  • If you smell sewage in your drains, this is an emergency, especially if you see raw sewage backing up into your home. Your sewer line needs to be repaired, cleaned or replaced right away. If you let it go, it will only get much worse!
  • Check around outside once a week. If you notice sunken spots in your grass or puddles, then you may have a sewer or water line leak.

If you walk your whole property and home each month and inspect all your plumbing, it is much easier to catch things that turn into emergencies quickly. Walk around and make sure you know what your plumbing is, what it normally looks like, and how to turn off your water supply if you have an emergency!