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Preventing Common Plumbing Problems

If you live in Southern Oregon and want to start good preventative habits with your plumbing, summer is the best time to start. Changing bad habits or instilling a few good household habits when it comes to plumbing helps avoid future plumbing repairs. Inspect the plumbing in your home regularly, so you can catch mold growth and leaks right when they start.

Leaking Faucets

To prevent leaky faucets, inspect all the valves in your home regularly. Check for signs of moisture or slight drips coming from the faucet. While washers in the faucet will wear out eventually, the less pressure put on the faucet helps extend the life of the washer. Slowly turn the faucets on, so the washer doesn’t become worn out faster.

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure problems could mean that you have a leak, or you have a build-up of minerals in your pipes, faucet, or shower head. To prevent a water pressure problem in Southern Oregon, have a whole house water filtration system installed to help keep sediment from collecting in your pipes and faucets. To keep leaks from happening, inspect your plumbing pipes regularly.

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Preventing a clogged sink is as easy as using a hair catcher to make sure nothing goes down the sink but water. You can prevent clogs with your garbage disposal by avoiding peels, proteins like chicken, nuts, and coffee grounds. It is important to run cold water when you run your garbage disposal and to put food down it while the water is running.

A clogged toilet is an issue that you might avoid by making sure that the only thing flushed is dissolvable. Keep the doors to bathrooms shut if you have children or pets that like to throw objects in the toilet, and always have a plunger handy. Making a sign for the bathroom helps remind guests to only flush toilet paper. Avoid wipes that are flushable as they don’t tend to dissolve properly.

Mr. Rooter in Southern Oregon is available this summer to help you get through your plumbing to-do list and answer any questions you have about preventing future plumbing problems.