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Top Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners | Mr. Rooter Southern OR

Having a pet in the home is fun and rewarding but can also mean extra cleanup duties and wear and tear on our home. Follow these tips to not only keep your pets safe but protect your plumbing, too!

  • Place drain covers in sinks and tubs. Any pet owner knows that pet hair can quickly build up all over the home. But when it’s in the drains, it can cause a slowdown or clog. Use special drain covers designed to catch hair in any tub or sink your pet may spend time in.
  • Fix any leaks right away. Leaky pipes or dripping faucets are a temptation to pets who like to lick up the moisture. Unfortunately, they may also be ingesting cleaning products and chemicals too. Repair any leaks immediately to prevent this common issue.
  • Keep an eye on where your dog digs outside. Many breeds of dogs like to dig in the yard, but you should watch where they dig. Sometimes water pipes or sewer lines may be closer to the surface than you think, and your dog could cause damage digging around them.
  • Don’t flush cat litter down the toilet. It may seem tempting for easy cleanup, but highly absorbent litters expand when in contact with moisture and can create serious blockages in your pipes. Certain brands of litter may be labeled as safe to flush, but we still advise throwing it in the trash and not the toilet, to protect your pipes and septic system.
  • Keep pets away from exposed pipes. Exposed plumbing may look like a scratching post or chew toy to your pet, and they can easily damage the pipes or hurt themselves by biting or scratching through the plumbing. Keep certain areas off-limits or cover pipes if they are a problem for your pet.

We hope you protect your pets and your plumbing with these easy tips, but we know pets can be unpredictable too. If you have a little plumbing disaster from your pet, contact Mr. Rooter Southern OR for expert help today.