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Experiencing Pools Water Beneath Your Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures? Here’s What Could Be Going On | Mr. Rooter Plumbing Southern Oregon

Now that the weather here in Southern Oregon is warming considerably, concerns about frozen pipes and extreme cold have passed. However, the warm, humid air of summer can present a completely different set of plumbing problems for Josephine and Jackson County homeowners. Fortunately, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Oregon is here to help.

Condensation Can Lead to Water Pooling

One of the first concerns many local residents have as the weather gets got – often before private air conditioning units have the chance to catch up – are the mysterious puddles of water that form beneath pipes and bathroom fixtures. It’s certainly alarming to notice what appears to be a leak underneath your bathroom sink or beneath your toilet. Before you panic, consider the likely source of most of these puddles.

Check the pipes themselves – if you notice a sheen of water droplets forming on your pipes, you’re most likely experiencing condensation. Condensation occurs when the cool water inside pipes and bathroom fixtures cools the exterior; when the surrounding air is much warmer and more humid, droplets form on the surface. As droplets continue to gather, they can drip and form small puddles beneath.

Can Condensation Harm Your Property?

Over time, constant moisture in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can lead to mold and damage. Similar pools near your toilet can damage flooring or present a slipping hazard. Clean up condensation as it occurs, or consider these preventive measures:

  • Install inexpensive foam pipe and toilet tank insulation to prevent condensation.
  • Purchase an anti-sweat valve, which connects to both hot and cold water supplies and raises the temperature of the water in your pipes.
  • Install and utilize a vent fan to help remove the moisture in the air.
  • Consider whole-home dehumidifying solutions if you experience continued humidity issues.
Contact Mr. Rooter

If you can’t see condensation droplets on the exterior of the pipe in question, you may have a leak. In this case, it’s important to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Oregon as soon as possible to prevent a water emergency. We can diagnose the source of your water damage and repair issues before more damage occurs.
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