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Do you have plumbing repairs on your to-do list but lack the tools, time, or expertise to get them done? Rather than trying to get your plumbing up to par on your own, get Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Killeen to do it for you! We have been handling all sorts of plumbing repair projects for years, solidifying our reputation as the most trusted plumbers in all of Killeen!

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If you have a leaking pipe, it needs to be addressed sooner than later. Waiting too long could cause water damage to spread throughout your property, causing even bigger problems.

Save yourself the hassle and frustrations of plumbing problems. Call us to let us fix things up instead!

Repairing Garbage Disposals with Ease

What good is a garbage disposal that jams up each time you use it? Trying to unclog or fix it can be nerve-wracking, too. Count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Killeen to get your garbage disposal working again after it stops spinning, makes unusual noises, or leaks.

Here are a few hints to prevent garbage disposal clogs or damage:

  • Keep pasta, potatoes, eggshells, and coffee grounds out of the disposal.
  • Never put anything inorganic in there, like plastic or utensils.
  • Clean your disposal by mixing up the vinegar and baking soda in it once a month.

Hydronic Heating Repairs

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Killeen is the local favorite for so many reasons, including our advanced plumbing knowledge. Did you know that we can even service your home’s hydronic heating? Pipes coursing under the floorboards are filled with hot water, heating your home by harnessing the power of your water heater. However, as clever as hydronic heating systems are, they can be problematic if a piece breaks or a component becomes defective.

Hydronic heating systems can encounter the following issues:

  • Leaking pipes cause widespread water damage
  • Low-water levels cause a boilover
  • Frozen pipes clog or burst

Fixing Sump Pumps in a Pinch

A sump pump is a small pump placed at a low point on your property so it can siphon away excess or standing water. If you have a sump pump, then you undoubtedly rely on it whenever it rains in Killeen. Without a working sump pump, there could be a serious risk of flooding around your home.

When you notice your sump pump is not working correctly, you can call us to get us there in a hurry. We can repair all types, makes, and designs of sump pumps, including the pedestal and submersible versions.

Why They Call Us Mr.®

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Killeen, we are continually striving to be the best we can be for our customers in terms of industry knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy. This dedication to excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our customers coming back whenever they need help. For your plumbing repairs in Killeen, you can trust in us to make fixes right the first time and always on time. That’s one of the many reasons why they call us Mr.®!

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