Water Line Replacement & Installation in Lafayette, LA

Residential Water Line Replacement & Installation

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lafayette, our team has decades of experience in residential water line replacement, and we have the tools, equipment, and training needed to do the job safely, correctly, and according to code. We will first inspect your water line carefully to diagnose the problem and determine how severe it is. We can then recommend water line repair or new water line installation services. We use an innovative method for residential water line installation which can typically be done in a day or less. Call us today to schedule residential water line replacement and installation in Lafayette, Youngsville, or Broussard, LA.

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Signs You Need Residential Water Line Replacement

Even if you have a lot of experience completing home repairs and home improvement projects, you shouldn't attempt to do your residential water line installation. Water pipes carry water at intense pressure, and if a leak or other issue isn't correctly repaired, you could end up with significant water damage and even costlier plumbing repairs. Our team of home service professionals can determine the underlying problem with your water line, and find the fastest, safest, and most efficient solution. Call us today if you notice any of these signs you need residential water line replacement:

  • You have no water or intermittent water service.
  • Your water quality is compromised.
  • Your water is cloudy, rusty, or discolored.
  • Your water smells or tastes bad.
  • Your water pipes look corroded, rusted, or damaged.
  • Your water pipes are made of an outdated material.
  • You have more than one leak or a leak that is too serious for repair.
  • Your home has significant water damage from a leak or burst pipe.
  • Your water bills are higher than usual, but you aren’t using more water.
  • Your water pressure keeps dropping.
  • Water sputters and gurgles when you turn on a faucet.
  • You find signs of flooding or soggy patches in your yard.
  • You hear water running or dripping but the water is turned off and you can’t find the source of the sound.
  • There is water in the street around your property.

Our Water Line Installation Services

We use a state-of-the-art method for new water line installation services. After we complete our inspection of your water line, we can determine if the damage is significant enough to warrant residential water line replacement, or if we can solve it with water line repair. We’ll recommend one of these options:

Water pipe relining

For minor damage, like a small crack or leak, we can use our pipe relining technique to repair your water pipe. We will insert a special sleeve into your water pipe. As the sleeve hardens and expands, it repairs cracks, breaks, and leaks, and seals your pipe. It even prevents new damage from occurring.

Water pipe replacement

For more significant damage that can't be handled with pipe relining, we'll recommend new water line installation services. We use a method called the Pipe Pull™ technique to replace water lines. We dig a small access hole at each end of the water line, and as we guide the new water pipe into place, it breaks apart the old one and moves it out of the way. Our new water lines are resistant to pests and rodents, tree root instructions, chemicals, corrosion, leaks, and damage. With the proper care and maintenance, the pipe can last up to 100 years.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lafayette for Water Line Installation

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lafayette, we specialize in plumbing inspections and diagnosis and preventative plumbing maintenance, which can reduce your risk of plumbing emergencies like leaks, cracks, breaks, clogs, and backups. Our plumbing inspections can uncover early warning signs of hidden problems, so we can repair them before they get bigger and more expensive. When you become a member of our Advantage Plan, you’ll get priority scheduling for plumbing services like plumbing inspections and maintenance. You’ll also have access to members-only specials. If you do have a plumbing issue, our experienced team will repair it with professionalism and efficiency. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship and exceptional customer service and operate with honesty and integrity.

Schedule Water Line Replacement & Installation

Call us today to request an estimate or schedule water line replacement and installation in Lafayette, Youngsville, or Broussard, LA. We’ll send a member of our team to your home to complete a thorough water line inspection and determine the location, cause, and extent of your water line issue. We’ll then make a professional recommendation for water line repair, or new water line installation services. Using our method for residential water line replacement, we can typically be done in a day or less.

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