4 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is High This Spring

High utility bills can be frustrating, but they can be even more irritating when you have no idea what is causing them to increase at such a fast rate. If you have noticed that your water bill has increased this spring, check out the following list of common explanations to fix the problem and lower your monthly bills.

Hidden Leaks

Unfortunately, one of the primary reasons why water bills increase rapidly is unseen drips or leaks. Leaks not only increase your monthly water bills, but they can cause mold, rust, and other types of problems to develop over time. The optimal means of detecting hidden leaks is to look at all the plumbing areas both on the inside and outside of your home. Look underneath all sinks, behind your refrigerator and toilet, and surrounding your outdoor fixtures.

Dripping Taps

Even though a single dripping tap might not seem like a huge deal, if you have a drip that continues for a long period of time, it will make an impact on your monthly bills. Wear and tear of rubber gaskets are typically the cause of dripping fixture and taps and are relatively easy to replace. While it can be tempting to ignore a leaky tap, taking the time to repair it can save you money and prevent it from causing a more critical issue in the future.

Household Habits

If you or someone in your family has recently adopted some habits such as letting the water run while brushing your teeth or taking long showers, this might be the cause of a sudden increase in your monthly water usage. Think about how you and your family use water and if any household changes, such as live-in guests or kids home from college are a part of the reason why your water bills are growing.


If you have recently bought a new appliance for your home and it does not have the Water Sense Logo, this may be why your home’s water usage is rising. Not all appliances use water as effectively as others. The United States Environmental Protection Agency developed the Water Sense initiative as a means of letting consumers know which products are more efficient than others.