Three Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in The Woodlands, TX

There are many reasons why you're plumbing system can have low water pressure. While water pressure issues tend to manifest in different ways, understanding some of the potential causes can help you troubleshoot problems and determine the best solutions. Here are some of the most common causes of low water pressure in The Woodlands, Texas.

Sediment Accumulation in Pipes

As time goes on, sediment and minerals build up on the inside of water pipes, which is one of the most prevalent causes of low water pressure in homes. Even if your line is not broken, your pipes are vulnerable to the accumulation of debris and minerals due to the materials that water leaves behind when flowing throughout your home.

You can check for buildup in your pipes by examining all of your faucets in your home. If the majority or all of your faucets are experiencing low water pressure, there is a different issue, as clogs don't usually occur in multiple locations throughout a home. Having your pipes cleaned can help clear away debris and mineral deposits and restore your water pressure in a quick and efficient manner.

Shut Valves

Low water pressure in numerous areas of a home, or in main spaces, may mean that a water valve has partially been switched off or is about to fail. To mitigate this problem, check your valve and open it. The valve is most often situated near the intake water lines close to spigots. While getting a replacement is seldom required, you will want to make sure to check the pressure release valve and your primary water valve, because when it is minimized it can reduce the transfer of water throughout your home by an alarming rate.

Small Pipes

If your house has several bathrooms and appliances that many individuals use on a regular basis, this can cause a major reduction in water pressure if the main pipe responsible for the transfer into your home is too small. The optimal means of resolving this problem is to invest in a larger pipe that will allow a more effective flow of water to come into your home.