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Anyone with dogs knows that pet hair gets everywhere! And when you bathe your dog in your bath or shower, all that pet hair goes down the drain, causing slowdowns and clogs. But there are ways to keep your dog clean — and keep your pipes clear at the same time.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Regularly brushing your dog’s hair will keep it looking clean and shiny. But, it also collects all that extra hair on the brush and not all over your home. Try to brush your dog before bath time, and remove any mats, knots, or debris. Depending on your dog’s breed, there are specialized combs, brushes, and de-shedding tools that can help.

Protect Your Bath Drain

When you give your dog a bath, it’s important to protect your bath drain and prevent excess hair from going down the drain. If it’s feasible to wash the dog outside, it can be easier to cleanup. If that’s not possible, try to protect the tub or shower drain. You can try a hair catcher drain cover, but some dog breeds have hair that’s so fine or short that it still gets through. Our favorite tip is the baby wipe method for dog baths.

The Baby Wipe Method

Before you fill-up the tub for a dog bath, place a baby wipe over the drain area, then insert the plug. Wash your dog as you normally would, and then when it’s time to drain the water, hold the wipe flat as you pull the plug. The wipe should act as a filter and collect any remaining hair from the bathwater as it drains. Just throw away the wipe when you’re done. Use another wipe afterward to clean up any hair sticking to the sides of the tub, so it doesn’t go down the drain later.

It is possible to bathe your dog and keep clogged drains at bay, but if you have a clogged drain or other plumbing problem, reach out to us today at Mr. Rooter of The Woodlands, TX. Our experts can help you with your plumbing needs.


Bathe a Dog Without Clogging the Drain

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