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Why Is My Shower Flooding? How Do I Make It Stop?

A nice warm shower in the morning, after a workout or at the end of a long day is a simple pleasure most of us truly cherish. But sometimes what starts out as a soothing experience quickly turns into a stressful one, as you notice the water level in your tub steadily rising around your feet and ankles. If you wanted to take a bath, you would have run one, right? So instead of washing your worries away, your attention turns to what’s going on with your shower drain and how you plan to fix it.

Water not draining properly in the shower is a common problem the majority of us will experience more than once in our lifetimes. Why is it happening? The obvious answer is something has created a blockage that is prohibiting the normal flow of water either down the drain or through the pipes. While in some cases it could be a serious problem that requires professional shower repair, often it simply involves removing a buildup of soap, dirt, hair, toothpaste and other materials that have accumulated over time.

A shower that floods is a serious issue that should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Potential negative impacts include:

  • Personal inconvenience due to shower conditions and slow drainage.
  • Health concerns as a result of dirty water backing up into your home.
  • Damage caused by flooding and overflows.
  • Serious clogs capable of causing pipes to break.

How to Avoid Costly Shower Repairs

Clogged drains are an unfortunate fact of life. There are many ways to personally combat shower drainage issues and avoid more serious problems that require major repairs. Consider the following steps when dealing with shower drainage issues:

  • Regularly clean in and around the drain, removing hardware for more thorough cleaning.
  • Refrain from draining substances such as oils and dirty cleaning water in the shower.
  • Be mindful of gurgling sounds or pools of water forming around the drain as early signs of detection.
  • Use a plunger to see if you can draw up stubborn blockages.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners in the shower as they are unsafe and lead to pipe corrosion.
  • Get in touch with a professional if flooding is persistent, so your small problem doesn’t lead to costly shower repairs.

Who to Call for Expert Shower Repairs in Oneida?

Often times the troubles you are experiencing with your bathtub drainage result from a blockage that’s beyond your reach. When you’ve done all you can to remove or dislodge a clogged drain, it’s time to get in touch with a local plumber. With the right tools and expertise, a seasoned professional can quickly identify the location of the clog and take swift and safe action to remove it.

If you are looking for a reliable source for shower repairs, visit Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida today. You’ll find more tips and tricks for keeping your shower drains flood free and complete information on shower repair services in Oneida.