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Holiday Plumbing Emergencies and What to Do

Winter is very nearly here in Oneida, and with it cold weather has already begun to bear down upon us. If you’re planning on hosting family and friends during this time for the holidays, don’t let a plumbing emergency ruin your get-together.

Here are a few common winter-related plumbing issues, what you can do to deal with them, and how you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

Burst Pipes

Perhaps the biggest plumbing concern homeowners have during the winter season is the threat of burst pipes. When ice forms in your home’s pipes, it can put a great strain on them and cause them to break, flooding your interiors and resulting in expensive repairs.

There are a few ways you can help prevent your pipes from bursting during the winter:

  • First, you can install simple insulation on exposed pipes. This generally consists of foam-based materials that can be wrapped around your pipes to help keep heat from escaping, although newspaper will do in a pinch as a cost-effective solution.
  • Next, you can keep your faucet dripping during especially cold days. Flowing water helps avoid frozen pipes.
  • Finally, if your budget allows it, try to keep your thermostat at a higher-than-normal — but consistent — temperature to keep air flowing through your home.

Should your pipes burst, there are a couple of things you can do while you wait for a professional to conduct repairs. First, if the burst pipe you’re dealing with is located in a ceiling, poke a hole in your drywall or plaster to allow water to flow more freely. Next, grab something to collect excess water in. These two steps can help prevent further damage to your ceilings, walls and flooring.

Backed-Up Plumbing Fixtures

A clogged toilet can be an embarrassing inconvenience to deal with during the holidays. To prevent your toilet from clogging, make sure to only flush paper that degrades in water. Don’t put tissues or paper towels into your toilet, and certainly don’t try to flush any foreign objects that aren’t suitable for your drain system. Make sure to have a plunger that’s just for toilets. “Bell” plungers are generally best suited for sinks, as toilets require a different type of seal.

To prevent your sink from clogging, avoid pouring grease down your drain, and don’t throw all your waste into your garbage disposal at once. Enter it in small quantities to prevent damage to your disposal mechanism.

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