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5 Easy Ways to Add a Little Green to Your Home

Normally we always write about plumbing, but spring is in the air and we thought we’d give 5 quick tips to add a little spring (and green!) into your home.

1) Hang Dry Your Laundry
Give your dryer a break and hang your clothes on the line. Drying is hard on the clothes, but it’s also hard on the environment. Install a clothesline (they make retractable ones if you don’t have room). Using a line is when the weather permits can help reduce pollution, cut your energy bill, get you some vitamin D, extend the life of your clothes, and even add a little more exercise on laundry day! There’s a reason that many detergents try to bottle the freshness of sunshine, but nothing the true sun dried scent.

2. Install a living air filter.
Indoor houseplants can used as a natural air filter. Some plants are more efficient than others, such as the Spider plants, English ivy, and peace lilies. For best results you’ll need around 15 plants per 1800 square feet. Place a few of them in the rooms where you spend the most time, as that’s where you’ll want to be breathing best.

3. De-Clutter Your Wardrobe
You might think that this one is more spring cleaning than green cleaning, but by donating your gently worn clothes to charity they will get a second life. Torn and stained items can be used in your rag collection where they can replace daily use of paper towels. If you pack up your winter clothes, ditch the idea of mothballs and instead fill a lonely sock with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and whole cloves.

4. Ditch the Swiffer
Swiffers are user friendly but can be costly and impractical. Instead, invest in a reusable mop. There are brands out there that you can easily detach the mop head and wash it in your washing machine to be used again and again.

5. Stop Using Paper Towels
Save trees, cash, and landfill waste by reducing your use of paper towels. You can use old rags from worn clothes, or buy specially made dusting cloths made from cotton or microfiber.

Cleaning up for spring doesn’t have to be all dirty. By using some of these ideas you can be sure that you’re benefiting your body, your home, and the planet. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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