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Common Causes For A Clogged Drain

Drains backing up is inevitable in any home; especially if the drain is used frequently. As plumbers, we see a lot of clogged drains in the showers, toilets, and your sinks (especially the kitchen sink!). Here are a few of the common causes for clogged drains in your home.

We have wrote over and over about not putting grease down your kitchen sink but it always seems to happen. A lot of people will avoid the drain but pour it down the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is still a drain! Sometimes it’s not on purpose, people are just rinsing off a pan and the grease goes down. You might think a little bit isn’t that much, but if there’s anything for it to cling to or harden against as it cools that little bit can still cause big problems.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

  • Food - Some foods, like pasta, coffee grounds, or rice expand over time when they soak in water. If foods like this go down the drain they can end up clogging your drains and cause some nasty backups. Foods that don’t expand are also an issue. Things like chicken skin or potato skin can plug up the kitchen sink.
  • Paper - Regular paper and toilet paper are both sneaky culprits of clogging drains. There IS too much of a good thing when you’re using toilet paper. If there’s too much, there’s just no going down a limited amount of space. Paper towels and baby wipes were not made to go down the drain but they seem to be flushed far too often. Paper, like some foods, expands when wet and can cause a nasty toilet overflow.
  • Hair - You can’t get away from washing your hair and having some of it try to go down the drain. It happens, and it will happily stick together with the help of soap if you do not use a drain cover. If you don’t make sure to keep the hair under control you’ll find yourself standing ankle deep in water – not quite the same as a spa day and soaking your feet.

These are just a few ways your sink can be clogged, but the main thing to take away is if you’re in doubt – throw it out! If you opt to put it down the drain anyway, keep our number close just in case you need to call.