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Have a Smelly Bathroom?

Smells are a wonderful thing, unless they are related to your plumbing. Walking through your home and smelling the fresh flowers on your table is a lovely experience. Walking into your bathroom and smelling something that makes your nose wrinkle is not something most people are hoping to achieve. If your bathroom has a funky smell even after frequent cleanings here are a few tips to get that fresh smell back in your bathroom.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Make Sure There Is Air Flow

Start with something easy. Open up the room! Open the doors, turn on the fans, and open any vents or windows to help get the fresh air circulating. Airing out your bathroom on a regular basis also helps keep the humidity down which can prevent mildew growth.

Hang Your Towels

Make sure to hang your towels separately so that they have plenty of room to air dry. If they are all bunched together your towels will begin to smell musty and not dry as quickly. You’ve also got to make sure to wash your bath mat as well. Sometimes it’s easy to forget bathmats because they’re on the floor anyway but if they aren’t kept clean they will hold odor and possibly mold. If washing your towels or mats doesn’t take away any lurking odors, try washing them first with hot water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in your machine; then again with your laundry detergent. This should help remove any of the odors that are clinging on for the ride.

Scrub the Shower and Around Your Toilet

Make sure to keep your shower clean and air it out after each use. Mold loves to lurk in shower curtains and around tiles and grout in your showers. Scrubbing your toilet is obviously an important step, but you also need to check around the base of the toilet or behind it. Any uncleaned messes are likely to attract unpleasant odors.

Check For Leaks and Clean the Drains

You might think a leaky faucet isn’t going to cause an odor but if it reaches the floor and pools you’re going to smell it. If you notice a pool of water or a leaky toilet, sink, or shower call your local plumber for help fixing the problem before it gets worse. While you’re looking for leaks, you should take a peek at your drains. If you notice an odor, try pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Leave it in for about half an hour and then pour hot water down the drain.

And the Obvious – Take Out The Trash

You might laugh at this one, but sometimes those stinky odors aren’t from anything around the bathroom. Instead it’s lurking out from the trash can! Toss your garbage on a regular basis and for a little burst of fresh air, try lighting a candle or a plug in air freshener to keep your room smelling fresh and clean.

If you’re smelling sewage and not just a normal musty stink, you will want to reach out to your local Mr. Rooter plumber to help resolve any potential plumbing disasters.

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