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Cool Down This Summer With Fun Sprinkler Games!

Summer can be a blast, especially if you’re resourceful and can think of fun ways to use your home for activities! A sprinkler or sprinkler system can be a key tool for creating that summertime run.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids Using a Sprinkler

Here are ideas for using your sprinklers to play games with kids — and to stay cool through the hottest part of the year:

  • Trike Wash: Grab some buckets and sponges and have your little ones bring their tricycles or bicycles to the front yard or driveway. While washing a car might not sound like much fun to an adult, kids will enjoy washing their trikes and bikes simply because of the bubbles — and the excuse to get wet and cool down through the hottest part of the year. Don’t be surprised if this game devolves into riding trikes and bikes through a sprinkler’s spray — just like a car going through a commercial car wash!
  • Stop and Go: An adult should handle turning the sprinkler on and off at random. When the adult turns the sprinkler on, all the participants must stay where they are — and risk getting sprayed by the sprinkler. When the adult turns the sprinkler off, all the participants can move around — hoping to find a spot where they won’t get sprayed.
  • Stay Dry: This is a lot like playing dodge. Simply turn on a sprinkler of any variety, and the goal is to stay as dry as possible without leaving the yard. The driest participant at the end of the game wins. This game works with all sorts of hose-end sprinklers, including oscillating and pulsating sprinklers.
  • Fill It Up: Everyone gets a cup or some other type of container. The object of the game is to fill up your cup or container with water from the sprinkler — without moving. This is another game that works well with a variety of hose-end sprinklers and sprinkler systems.
  • Water Balloons: While this isn’t necessarily a sprinkler game, water balloon fights should be a summertime staple for any family. Simply fill up a number of water balloons and let the fun begin! One of the benefits of water balloon fights is that buying balloons is relatively inexpensive. Cheap summertime fun at its best!
  • Sprinkler Bathtime: When you have younger kids, they hate to leave the yard and all the fun they’re having to go inside for bathtime and bed. Why not let them take a bath outside instead? Just bring some soap and/or shampoo outside and bathe your kids like normal. This is easiest if you have some sort of baby pool for them to sit or stand in.

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