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The Don’ts of Plumbing DIY

Every homeowner has attempted do-it-yourself plumbing repair. This is a great idea, as many plumbing issues can be fixed with just a little bit of knowledge and the right tools. But there are ways you can damage your plumbing, pipes and drains. To help you keep your plumbing working properly, consider the following plumbing tips and the “don’ts” that you should avoid in residential plumbing.

Plumbing Tips

  • Don’t Pour Oils and Fats Down the Drain: If you ever wondered what clogs up the kitchen sink, fats and oils are often the culprits. Fats and oils eventually expand and harden when they cool. Now, imagine fats and oils going down the drain. Once they expand and harden, your sink clogs almost immediately — and these clogs are difficult to alleviate with off-the-shelf liquid plumbing tools.
  • Don’t Pour Coffee Grounds Down the Drain: Right behind fats and oils as sink-clogging threats are coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are especially a problem when combined with fats and oils. Together, they create a sink-clogging mess that’s challenging to clean up.
  • Don’t Put Fibrous Materials in Your Disposal: Corn husks, celery and similarly fibrous materials can mean trouble for your sink’s garbage disposal system — the fibers can jam or tangle your disposal. Simply place these items in the garbage can rather than letting them ruin your disposal.
  • Don’t Place Trashcans Under Sinks: The pipes and plumbing underneath your sink are important, and they shouldn’t be bumped, jostled or otherwise beaten up. When you place your trashcan under a sink, even if you don’t mean to, you can’t help but bump and jostle these important pipes.
  • Don’t Turn Off Disposal Under Grinding is Complete: The best way to keep your disposal operating at its peak potential is to run it until grinding is complete, each and every time. Once grinding is complete, continue to run the water for about 10 seconds to make sure all the food particles have been completely flushed.
  • Don’t Use Hot Water When Grinding: When you use cool water, it better helps move fats and oils that you didn’t intend to send down the drain.

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