Well Water vs. City Water: Pros and Cons

Part of owning a home means having a functional plumbing system. If you don’t have working water, it’s a real problem — but what kind of water system do you want? If you have plumbing in Oneida or another big city, you may wonder if you should opt for a private well. Many people swear by well water over city water in Oneida, while others may feel like city water is just fine, and well water isn’t worth the hassle. If you’re on the fence, here are some of the pros and cons of well water vs. city water.

Well Water

Well, water tends to be fresher and more contaminant-free than city water. Some people say it’s like having bottled water flowing right in your own home. However, the downside is that having well water requires owning a private well, and you are completely responsible for that well — including its maintenance and upkeep.

If you don’t inspect your well system for leaks, you could have a real problem. If you do find a leak, you have to pay for its repairs. You also have to pay for installing the well and the system as well as for the electricity to run the well pump.

City Water

Most people understand that city water is not the freshest water you can have in your home. It is essentially surface runoff water put through a purification process that may not completely rid it of contaminants. However, while you are responsible for your own pipes, getting the water to you is the responsibility of the city, as is making sure the water is safe to drink. It’s less hassle for you, in exchange for water that is not quite as fresh. However, you can always purchase additional water purifiers to clean your water further.

Making the Choice

If you’re not comfortable with the taste, smell, or look of your city-provided water and don’t mind the time and expense of putting in a private well, well water is probably for you. On the other hand, if you think your city water is just fine — especially with a water purifier added to the faucet or your water pitcher — and aren’t interested in any extra work or expenses, you’re a city water person.

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