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What’s That Sound? It May Be Your Plumbing

Hearing an unusual sound coming from your plumbing is an indication that something is not working right. The first step is to pinpoint where exactly the sound is coming from. The location of the noise can point you in the right direction when looking for a solution. Consider the following when dealing with noisy pipes:

  • Toilet: Does your toilet make loud noises on a regular basis? If so, the issue is most commonly your fill valve. Listen for whistling and perhaps shaking and vibrating. This a relatively positive issue to have when it comes to noisy pipes, as it doesn’t even require a replacement part. Simply adjust the fill valve until you mitigate the whistling noise. Your problem should be solved. If the noise is more a vibration than a whistling, test out your toilet by lifting the valve. If the vibration stops, you need to fully replace the valve rather than just adjust it.
  • Shower: Pipes sometimes make a whooshing noise when a shower is turned on. This is typically caused by minerals that have built up in the shower. Use a pipe cleaning solution or hire a professional to help clear away this buildup. In small amounts, minerals won’t harm your piping or shower experience. But if the buildup goes on too long, you’ll begin to have clogs and you’ll need more intensive service to fix the problem.
  • Water Heater: Sediment can build up at the bottom of your water heater, which creates a rumbling sound. This is a fairly easy fix, as you must simply drain your water heater and remove the sediment that’s causing the rumbling. It’s that easy. Over the long term, a water softening system can help prevent the buildup of sediment.
  • Pipe System: When you’re hearing noises that seem to be coming from the pipes themselves, there are typically two root causes. First, your pipes may have dislodged from the wall, and you hear banging when they run because they lack stability. A professional plumber can examine the pipes to make sure the banging hasn’t caused any damage, and they can also reattach the pipes. The other issue you may be experiencing is water moving too forcefully through your pipes. This is caused when there’s too much water pressure moving toward an appliance like a washer. A professional plumber can install what’s called a “water hammer arrestor,” which will smooth out the water pressure and reduce the noise it creates.

Not all noises are easy to identify, which is why Mr. Rooter of Oneida is always available to discuss your issues over the phone or stop by to take a look at your plumbing. Our licensed plumbers are certified by Onondaga County for plumbing leak detection and other plumbing problems, and each can provide expert guidance at your home or business.

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