Key Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Washer

Over the years, you’ve probably become attached to your washing machine. When you buy a washing machine, part of you hopes it will last forever. Unfortunately, washers do wear out, and not necessarily just by dying all at once. If the whole family is begging you to get a new washer, and you’re insisting the old bucket of bolts has some life left, ask yourself if you’re seeing the following signs.


Excessive leaking is the most common sign that it’s time to call it quits on your old washer. If this is the only sign you’re seeing, you may be able to extend your washing machine’s life by just replacing the water hose in the back. However, if your machine is leaking because of a cracked tub, it’s over.


Obviously, washing machines make noise. But if your machine is vibrating, whirring, jumping and making noises that terrify the dog, it may be time to give up and get a new machine.


If the leaking, bouncing and noise aren’t enough to convince you, figure out how old your machine is. A washing machine isn’t really designed to last much more than ten years, even a new one. In fact, you should start thinking about a new washer about eight years in. If your washing machine is that old, especially if it’s having some of the problems mentioned above, go ahead and start shopping.

The truth is that getting a new washing machine can be a great idea. Today’s machines are not only smarter, but they’re also more efficient, designed to save water and energy, so you’re doing more with less. Over the long haul, that new machine will probably save you a lot of money over your current machine, which likely uses a lot more water and electricity. Plus, it’ll probably be a lot quieter than what you’ve got now.

When Your Washing Machine Isn’t the Problem

If your washing machine is leaking, making noise or not coming on, that’s a problem with your machine. If it’s not getting water, that could be a problem with your plumbing. If you think it’s a plumbing issue that’s causing your washing machine problems, and you’re in Rome, Utica or Oneida, NY, give Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida a call.

We’ll show up fast and figure out right away if you’ve got a plumbing problem and how much you can expect it to cost. Get in touch today, and we’ll get you a licensed plumber who is certified by Onondaga County for plumbing leak detection or any plumbing-related project right away. Call now or contact us online for a free estimate on your plumbing service.