Pros and Cons of a High-Efficiency Toilet

Do you need a high-efficiency toilet? On its face, it sounds good, but there are some drawbacks to high-efficiency toilets as well. Here’s some information about the pros and cons of high-efficiency toilets to help you make a decision.

Pro: High-efficiency toilets are low maintenance. High-efficiency toilets tend to break down less than standard toilets, which means fewer repair bills.

Con: Installing a high-efficiency toilet is not cheap. A good high-efficiency toilet can cost $400 or more.

Pro: A high-efficiency toilet can improve your property value, making you look like you have a more modern, efficient home.

Con: Because of the low flow and reduced pressure, it’s easier for debris to build up in the pipes, making clogs more of an issue.

Pro: One of the biggest selling points of a high-efficiency toilet is that they are designed to use much less water per flush. You can potentially save over 35 gallons of water per day.

Con: You may not save as much water as you hope, since you may have to flush more than once to get everything out of the bowl.

Pro: High-efficiency toilets look modern, sleek and cool.

More and more home builders and homeowners are looking towards a greener type of home, building with or renovating to include eco-friendly features that save energy and reduce one’s carbon footprint. Saving water with a high-efficiency toilet is a great way to be a part of that trend.

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