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Tips for Saving on Your Water Bill This Summer

Summer is a time when water bills surge and your budget gets out of whack as you cover the costs of sprinklers running, pools filling and toilets flushing more often as kids are home from school. But if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of higher water bills, you can take a few actions to reduce your water consumption and keep costs as low as possible. Try the following:

  • Shorter Showers: The more the water runs, the more you have to pay. It’s that simple. So why not choose the simple solution of taking shorter showers? Yes — it’s nice and relaxing to take a long shower, but perhaps you’re willing to sacrifice for a couple months in order to save on your water bill.
  • Full Laundry Loads: It's tempting to run a small load of laundry when you need just a few things for upcoming travel or the work week. But a small load of laundry uses just as much water as a full load. Consider strategically doing your laundry only when you have a full load on hand.
  • Adjust Sprinklers: You don’t necessarily need to shorten the amount of time your sprinklers run. Instead, make sure the heads are pointing toward the right places and covering the areas of your yard that actually need water. If you’re watering the sidewalk, driveway or patio, you’re wasting money and not doing your grass or plants much good.
  • Raise Your Mower: Consider raising your mower level. The higher your grass, the more moisture your yard is going to be able to retain. When you have higher grass, you may be able to afford cutting back on your watering without sacrificing a beautiful yard.
  • Find and Fix Leaks: Leaks can be present throughout the year. But perhaps you haven’t worried as much about them when water bills are low through the winter months. In summer, finding and fixing leaks is an opportunity to reduce the amount of money you’re paying each month.
  • WaterSense: WaterSense toilets and shower heads may require an up-front investment, but they allow you to use your toilet just as much and shower just as long while using a fraction of the water.

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