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How to Know If Your Water Should Be Filtered or Not

We all want to drink the purest water possible. Is that water coming out of your tap? It’s a good question, and it certainly depends where you live and where your water comes from. If you do need to use a filter, filtration systems are relatively affordable and easy to install. But do you need to start filtering your water? Here’s a look at three ways for you to evaluate the quality of your water, and to know if your water should be filtered or not.

  1. Give It the Eye Test

Let’s start with the easiest possible test. Get a bottle of water, and pour some into a glass. Then, fill another glass with water from your tap. Some water is so hard that you can notice its cloudiness just by looking at it. Having a glass of bottled water is helpful for comparison sake. If you can notice cloudiness in your water, it’s a good indication of hardness — and a good sign that you should consider filtering your water.

  1. Conduct a Chemical Test

You can find inexpensive and accurate drinking water test kits at hardware stores and through online retailers like Amazon. These kits give you professional-quality lab results that will let you know the hardness and pH levels of your water. Most test kits will also share the amount of chlorine and bacteria in your water. Compare your water test results to the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended levels. If your water exceeds recommended EPA levels, you should start to filter.

  1. Request a Quality Report

Any water provider is required to publish an annual report on the quality of the water delivered to its customers and you can request a copy of this report. While all water providers are staying within EPA recommended levels, some experts find those recommended levels to be too conservative. Filtering your water is a great way to ensure you’re getting the purest water possible, and that you’re not falling victim to the leniency of the EPA.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida, we specialize in all things related to home plumbing in the Oneida area. That includes home water filtration systems. These systems can be installed on certain taps to ensure that you always have access to the purest possible drinking water. Or you can get a home-wide filtration system that delivers pure water to faucets and appliances. Home-wide filtration systems can provide many perks. For example, your clothes will come out of the washer looking brighter and cleaner, and your hair and nails will look even better due to showering in filtered water. Getting the best possible water for your home allows you to enjoy many luxuries.

Contact us today about a water filtration system for your Oneida home.