The Best Ways to Prevent Slipping in the Shower

ways to prevent slipping in shower
Showers and tubs can be a lot more treacherous than we want them to be. Many barren showers become quite slippery when covered in water. Add some soapy feet, and the situation becomes downright dangerous. What are the best ways to prevent slipping in the shower? You have several options, including the following:

  • Add Bars: Adding grab bars to a shower or tub is relatively simple and affordable. While grab bars may not be the most aesthetically pleasing way to prevent slipping in the shower, they certainly get the job done. You can also find grab bars that serve dual purposes, including models that also feature soap dishes and shelves. Rather than settling for a utilitarian solution, choose a grab bar that best complements your existing shower hardware.
  • Floor Refinishing: If you’re not interested in a full remodel, you can certainly have your existing tub or shower floor refinished. Refinishing with a non-slip floor is a total solution that will almost completely wipe away the possibility of slips in the shower. Most of these non-slip floors use a sand additive to create a rougher, more secure surface.
  • Seating: You can find hospital-style chairs that fit right into the shower and give you a place to sit while you scrub. But these hospital-style chairs are built for function rather than attractiveness. Consider adding a tile seat to the corner of your shower or tub to provide a more aesthetically pleasing seating option — one that will help prevent falls.
  • Remodel to a Walk-In: Are you interested in reimagining your bathtub or shower altogether? A zero-entry or walk-in shower will provide a fresh look for the space while also creating a bathing experience that limits the chance of falls. Getting in and out of the shower or tub are times when falls are most likely to occur, and a walk-in or zero-entry model will take the danger out of entry and exit.
  • Mats: Perhaps the fastest, easiest, most affordable solution is to get a mat for your tub or shower. You can find all sorts of different mats that stick to the surface of your existing tub or shower and that provide a nice and secure place for you to stand while bathing. Again, these mats might not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but they sure do get the job done.

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