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Heating System Safety for Every Homeowner

Here in New York, the winter is bearable only because we have high-functioning heating systems. Quality heating systems help our homes transform into warm, comfortable refuges during the cold winter months. But heating systems can also pose safety hazards if they aren’t properly maintained and cared for. Here are a few heating system safety tips to follow this winter:

  • Check Your Detectors and Other Devices: The first thing you need to do is make sure your carbon monoxide detector is functioning properly. This is the most important safety device to protect you and your family from heating system-related danger. Also, check other safety devices like over-temperature switches and pilot safety switches. When these built-in safety devices are working properly, your heating system runs as safely as possible.
  • Clean Your Chimney, Flu, Vent and Furnace: Cleaning is incredibly important before you fully engage your heating system this winter. Make sure your furnace’s internal area is fully cleaned before you fire it up, and also make sure your chimney, flu and vent are fully cleaned, too. Cleaning is one of the most straightforward ways to make sure your heating system runs safely all winter long.
  • Inspect Ducts and Piping: Ducts and piping are often afterthoughts when it comes to the function of your home’s heating system. But ducts and piping need to be clean, clear and free of leaks to ensure your home heats as efficiently as possible.
  • Run Tests: Always test-start your furnace and make sure the thermostat is registering the right temperatures. A professional can run a series of tests to ensure your heating system components are working properly and as efficiently as possible.
  • Level Off Fuel: If your home heats via propane or home heating oil, make sure your tanks are filled for the winter months. It can be a serious safety hazard to run low on heating fuel during extreme winter weather events that prevent refill trucks from reaching customers.

It’s a smart idea to get your heating system checked once or twice a year. The perfect time for a heating system safety inspection is right before winter, when your system is going to be doing its heaviest lifting.

At Mr. Rooter of Oneida, we provide heating system repair, installation and maintenance, as well as heating safety inspections. When you want to ensure homeowner safety and enjoy a nice and well-heated home through the coldest months, count on the team you’ll find at Mr. Rooter of Oneida. Contact us today about a heating system safety inspection.
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