5 Summer Upcycle Plumbing Projects

5 Summer Upcycle Plumbing Projects
While your home’s plumbing is best left to a professional, you can easily transform leftover plumbing materials and pipes into attractive and innovative home decor. Upcycling projects are a great way to redecorate your home with previously used objects, and they give you the chance to be creative by crafting a useful item with unexpected, striking materials. Plumbing materials make for a great summer upcycling project, giving your furnishings and decor an industrial and distinct yet polished look.

Easy Summer Plumbing Upcycling Projects

If you’re looking for a simple and attractive upcycling summer project to transform your home, consider these five items you can create with different types of plumbing materials:

  1. Shelving and bookcases: With pipes, you can build an intricate and large-scale system of shelving or a small set for a few books. For larger bookcases, all you need is some pipes, pipe fittings, and wood slats. If you don’t have a large library, create an interesting set of corner shelving units with just some pipes and fittings mounted in a step pattern.
  2. Table legs: With a new table or desk, you have the opportunity to easily upcycle two different materials. Take some reclaimed wood or a panel of glass, and begin shaping either a coffee or side table or new desk, then attach some black or copper piping for a distinct look.
  3. Curtain rods: For those who love both styles and save a bit of money, galvanized pipe is a fantastic option to transform into a curtain rod. You can easily have the pipe cut into the size you need, and you'll never have to worry about damaged or sagging curtain rods again.
  4. Pots and pans storage: Is your kitchen currently lacking in efficient storage? In just a few hours, you can easily assemble a new, striking copper rack to store all of your extra pots and cooking utensils. Simply push together tees and elbows for easy construction, then mount them to the wall.
  5. Lamps: To illuminate your indoor or even outdoor spaces, you can easily transform standard plumbing into a bright and attractive light. For a simple desk lamp, all you need is a lighting kit and pipe designed into a style that best fits your space. Other lamp styles you can try include mounted wall lamps crafted from copper tubing and fish bowls, track lighting, and hanging lamps.

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