4 Tools to Prevent Shower Clogs

4 Tools to Prevent Shower Clogs
A clogged shower is inevitable with regular use over time, but with some simple household tools, you can easily avoid standing in ankle-deep water as the result of hair and soap buildup. By taking the necessary preventative steps, you can avoid any unwanted buildups and guarantee free-flowing drains for a good while. Four common and simple solutions to keep your drain clear include:

  • Shower drain hair catcher: The shower drain hair catcher is a great device that collects hair just a few inches above your shower drain. After a few months, you can lift it, remove the hair and replace the hair catcher, all without having to touch the gunk buildup.
  • Mesh trap: Like a small kitchen strainer, you can easily purchase a mesh trap and place it over your drain. While you shower, you don’t have to worry about stray hairs escaping down the drain because the mesh will catch them. Simply scrape the hair from the trap after each shower.
  • Recycled materials: Quick and easy household solutions that will work to keep your drain clear are a dryer sheet or a washcloth. Before you shower, place a used dryer sheet over your drain — these act as a mesh that's perfect for trapping soap particles and hair. Simply toss the dryer sheet post-shower. And when you’re bathing your dog, set a washcloth over the drain to gather all of the loose hair. When you go to drain the tub, the water will drain really slowly, but it will catch all of the hair so you can easily throw it away.
  • Hairbrush: A hairbrush is a simple, yet effective, tool for keeping unwanted strands of hair from clogging your shower drain. Before stepping into the shower, run a brush through your hair to catch any loose strands. During your shower, your stray hairs will still find their way into the drain, but it will be far less than if you hadn’t brushed before bathing. When mixed with soap, shampoo, and other items, you’ll have a blockage that a mere plunger or chemicals can’t alone unclog.

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