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DIY: 15-Minute Projects to Freshen up Your Home

Is your home beginning to feel a bit dark and drab? During winter months especially, it’s easy to add colors and accessories that set a slower, moodier feel. However, once spring has sprung, you’re likely looking for ways to perk up your energy levels, encourage creativity and create lightness. With a few simple, budget-friendly and fast tips, you can easily brighten your home.

How to Brighten Your Home

Making your home feel more comfortable and fresh doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can easily transform your living space with these five tips to brighten your home:

  • Buy new light bulbs: In the winter, with darkness consuming most of our waking hours, we use higher-watt bulbs to add needed light. However, in the summertime, with so much natural lighting available, you can change out your light bulbs to a lower watt, with softer and more peaceful lighting.
  • Let the light in: It’s easy to forget to clean and open windows when it’s dark out or if you’re seldom home. To make your space feel brighter, simply wash your windows to remove dirt and debris buildup, and let that natural light in. You can also try updating your decor by adding a shade or valence with a color pop, or swap out darker and heavier curtains to more visually light and airy sheers.
  • Update accessories: Do you really need that bulky throw blanket draped over your sofa? As the seasons change, keep your decor looking fresh by replacing darker and heavier accessories with brighter accents like pillows, throws and vases.
  • Clear clutter: Everyone is guilty of this behavior at some point — letting clutter accumulate in the nooks and crannies. Remove stacks of papers or trash from tables and countertops to give your space a clean feeling. Another solution is to remove papers and magnets from your refrigerator. This quick and simple solution can make your kitchen feel bigger and look less messy.
  • Uplift your senses: Not only do homeowners enjoy bright and airy furnishings, but pleasant smells can also add a bright and soothing feel to your spaces. Try adding a few floral- or fruit-scented candles throughout each room, or as an added bonus, purchase several bouquets of flowers. Flowers are not only cost-effective and attractive, but they’ll also gently waft sweet scents around each space.

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