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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist: The Spots You’re Forgetting

Cleaning your kitchen is most likely a regular chore on a daily and weekly basis, and you’re probably tackling several of the noticeable and most used surfaces — like countertops, the stovetop and the kitchen sink — but have you ever wondered what parts of the kitchen you’re forgetting to clean? Several somewhat hidden and forgotten places throughout your kitchen are sources for dirt, debris and grime buildup. Follow this kitchen cleaning checklist to identify these tricky spots and keep your kitchen looking pristine.

Your Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

As you wipe down your kitchen, you’re probably checking off a list of items that you use the most often — like countertops and the stove or oven — but you most likely haven’t considered these five kitchen spots:

  • Hidden splattered areas: Everyone is guilty of cooking with splatter ingredients like grease and tomatoes, and while surface countertops are usually thoroughly cleaned after cooking, several hidden areas need attention as well, like the underside of upper cabinets, the surface and inside of vent fans, lighting fixtures near cooking spaces and that tiny gap between the countertops and the oven. To thoroughly clean these spaces, dampen a cloth, apply a dap of soap and start scrubbing. To effectively clean hard to reach spaces, move your oven away from the wall about four inches.
  • The refrigerator: While cleaning out old food items from the fridge, you probably give the shelves a quick wipe down, but have you cleaned the other, harder-to-reach spaces of this appliance? When you clean your refrigerator, make sure to wipe dust away from the coils — typically located underneath or behind the unit — and wipe out the drip pan that collects condensation, checking for mold growth.
  • Trashcan interiors: Think of all of the food you toss — wrappers, perishable food containers and food rinds, to name a few. These containers can house germs and persistent odors. Quickly and easily clean out your trashcan by taking the can outside, spritzing the inside with a disinfectant cleaner and washing it out with warm water after 10 minutes.
  • Inside the dishwasher: Keeping the outside of your dishwasher wiped down is likely one of your kitchen cleaning checklist items already, but do you also clean out the inside? Residue can accumulate in the bottom, along the sides and in the drain, making your dishwasher a filthy place. Use a diluted vinegar solution to help clean that debris and keep your dishwasher looking pristine.
  • The garbage disposal: Like your kitchen trashcan, your garbage disposal sees a lot of discarded food items that can collect and become smelly and grimy. Clean your disposal at least once every month to reduce unwanted odors and remove food buildup. Wondering how to clean a garbage disposal? Drop a handful of ice, baking soda and citrus peels into it to clean the area, sharpen the blades and freshen the unit.

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