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Plumbing Items to Invest In

Plumbing Items to Invest In

Household plumbing is a behind-the-scenes luxury many homeowners take for granted. From taking a hot shower to wake up in the morning to preparing dinner at the end of the day, you and your family count on efficient and reliable plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Over time, with daily use, age, and evolving trends, you may find it's time to revamp your plumbing fixtures, remodel the kitchen and bathroom, or just replace inefficient, poor-quality appliances. Ultimately, the new plumbing fixtures you choose will reflect your ideal lifestyle. But how can you invest in quality items while best managing the upfront plumbing costs?

New Plumbing Installations: When to Save and Splurge

All of the plumbing fixtures and appliances throughout your home should fit around your daily needs while also being appealing and convenient. By knowing where to save and when to splurge on your next remodeling or replacement project, you can save on upfront expenses and invest in higher-quality items to improve your family's quality of life.

Plumbing Fixtures to Invest In

When installing a new appliance or remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms, the key to a successful design and long-term happiness is finding the ideal plumbing cost balance and knowing which types of items to invest in. By balancing form, function and finances, you can enjoy incredible convenience, reduce future repair or replacement expenses, and greatly improve the overall value of your home.

If you're looking to make the best plumbing investment possible, consider splurging on these popular items:

  • Hot Water Heater: You likely use your water heater every day to bathe, wash dishes and do laundry. Newer hot water heaters are much more energy-efficient and can help you save on annual utility expenses. To save even more on your energy costs and improve your home's value, consider investing in a tankless hot water system.
  • Septic Tank: The septic tank is a crucial component of your daily comfort. When your home has a poor-quality septic system that's easily damaged or has a short lifespan, you'll find that it can wreak havoc on your home's plumbing system and can be inconvenient, costly and unpleasant to repair or replace.
  • Bathtub: When remodeling your master bathroom, complete the spa-like oasis with a quality soaker tub. Higher-end bathtubs look more sophisticated and offer superior long-term value. Bathtub components or damaged finishes are often complicated and costly to repair.
  • Toilet: Toilets manufactured with higher-quality parts will help preserve the overall quality of your home by efficiently managing waste disposal. If the parts of your toilet are subpar, you'll likely find that your toilet runs when not in use, increases your water bills and needs more frequent part replacements.

Manage Plumbing Costs by Saving on These Items

To better manage plumbing costs, homeowners should closely evaluate their daily needs and overall expectations. By being realistic about the performance and aesthetic qualities that are important to you, you can easily find savings on your next home remodeling project and have the flexibility to invest in other fixtures.

The best plumbing items to consider saving money on are dishwashers, refrigerators and bathroom and kitchen faucets. By managing plumbing costs on these items, you can still enjoy modern convenience, attractive finishes and functionality without stretching your wallet.

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