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Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing Machine Maintenance

We rely on our washing machines to keep our clothes clean and fresh. When your washing machine breaks, you probably want to have it fixed as soon as possible! While your first instinct may be to call a plumber right away, you can do some fixes yourself.

Below are three common problems that may be the cause of your washing machine break. We'll discuss the possible reasons behind each problem and how it can be fixed.

1. The Wash Cycle Won't Start

After you do all the right steps to start the wash cycle but the machine refuses to listen, there are a few reasons why this might be happening. If you have an older machine with a dial that starts the machine, it may just be the switch. Replacing that part could be an easy way to get your washing machine back into working order.

The locking door of the top-loading machine is a safety mechanism to prevent someone from accessing the inside when it's spinning. On a front-loading machine, it's to keep water from spilling everywhere. If it isn't latching properly, the cycle won't start. Examine the latch to see if there's anything blocking it. If you don't see anything, it may be a mechanical fix that's best left to a professional.

Other reasons why the wash cycle won't start may come down to the mechanics. If you aren't sure what's wrong with the machine or you aren't an experienced DIYer, it's best to call a professional.

2. The Drum Isn't Spinning

The spinning of the drum agitates the items inside, helping to give them a thorough clean. When the drum won't spin, the machine won't clean your clothes and other items.

There are a number of different reasons why the drum isn't spinning. Clothes getting caught, an imbalance, a broken latch and the drive belt are just a few reasons why it might not spinning as it should.

If you see the issue and feel confident fixing it on your own, go for it! If you don't feel comfortable making the fix, you can count on a local plumber to get your washing machine spinning — and actually cleaning your clothes — as it should.

3. The Water Won't Drain

If you've run your washing machine and come back to find that the water never drained at the end of the cycle, it can cause a major inconvenience. Compared to the first two issues, water failing to drain has fewer culprits.

The machine has a pump that pulls out the water at the end of the cycle. If the pump is blocked by clothes or if a part is defective, it won't drain the water. A fix for this part of the washing machine is fairly easy — you may not need a professional's help.

The timer or another part of the control board may be causing the problem. The machine drains at a certain time during the cycle. If the timer isn't working right, it may not get the command to drain the water. To solve this issue, you just need to reprogram the timer or a different part of the control board.

When you're having a problem with your washing machine, you may not be comfortable trying to do the maintenance or repair on your own. For a local expert that you can trust, call Mr. Rooter of Oneida to get your washing machine back to perfect working condition! To learn more about our services or to schedule service, please contact us today.