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Five Home Flood Preparation Tips

Sudden storms or increased rainfall can mean your home is at risk of flooding. It's crucial to combat an oncoming storm or natural disaster by preparing your plumbing system. Here's your go-to guide of prevention techniques and what to do in case flooding does occur. 

Ways to Prevent Flooding in Your Home

Defense is the best offense. Having knowledge of the plumbing systems in your home is essential when preparing for massive flooding. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida, we want you to be ready.

Here are five home flood prep tips to protect your home from potential plumbing emergencies:

  1. Locate all the water shutoff valves: Once you locate your water shutoff valves, the next step is to understand how to turn them off. You'll need to find the inline shutoff valves — those that lead to your dishwasher and washing machine — and the hot water shutoff on your water heater.
  2. Install reflux valves: A reflux valve prevents water from flowing back into the private property drain when the sewer plant becomes flooded.
  3. Check your insurance: Always ask your insurance provider if they cover flooding emergencies. If your standard homeowner's policy doesn't provide flood coverage, there are other options. You can purchase flood insurance policies through insurance agents.
  4. Make a flood emergency plan: Have a supply kit on hand and be aware of evacuation procedures should a flood occur. A disaster kit may consist of a flashlight, extra batteries, food, water, a tent, blankets, a hygiene kit, a first aid kit and more.
  5. Install a sump pump: To install a sump pump, find an area in your home where water collects during a flood. Dig a hole and prepare the pump for use. Attach the adapters, install the check valve and run a PVC through the wall. Next, apply a sealant to the hole and cover the stump. If you need help installing a sump pump, contact a professional for assistance.

What to Do if You Experience Significant Flooding in Your Home

In the case of an unexpected plumbing emergency, it's important to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Look out for these two dangers:

  • Avoid electrocution: If flooding occurs in your home, do not step into your basement or other rooms. If the water level is covering electrical outlets or cords, this could pose a severe risk of electrocution. If your home appliances have come into contact with water, contact a professional before trying to use them.
  • Beware of a septic spill: Sewage spills are often a direct result of flooding and can spread disease and infection.

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