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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

Winters in New York are brutal, especially for your home's plumbing. Burst pipes, leaky pipes and unexpected flooding can be a sign of worse to come. With proactive plumbing maintenance before the temperature drops, you can avoid a messy inconvenience while maintaining the condition and performance of your plumbing system.

Winter Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Frozen pipes are the main concern for homeowners during the winter. When the temperature dips, water trapped in your plumbing will freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst under the intense pressure. Burst plumbing can damage your drainage system, flood the immediate area and cause significant water damage.

Prevent burst pipes and other mishaps with these winter plumbing maintenance tips:

  • Winterize outdoor fixtures: As the weather shifts from fall to winter, make sure to fully winterize your outdoor plumbing. If these fixtures freeze and become damaged, you might not notice the effects until spring. Turn off all outdoor faucets and drain any sitting water in the pipes, disconnect all water hoses and cover hose bibs to protect indoor plumbing from freezing temperatures. 
  • Inspect pipes and perform repairs: Check all fixtures and faucets for any signs of leaks or puddles. If you discover any leaks or unusual activity, call your local plumbing experts to inspect your plumbing system. 
  • Clear drain clogs: Make sure sink drains are flowing smoothly and quickly, especially your kitchen drains. Kitchen sinks and disposals encounter a lot of food waste and grease that can freeze in your pipes, causing major clogs. 
  • Insulate plumbing: Pipes located in poorly heated areas like crawlspaces, basements or outside should be insulated to prevent freezing. For best results, install a heat cable near the pipes and cover it with pipe insulation and plastic insulation wrap. 
  • Monitor temperatures: Once winter weather sets in, monitor the outdoor temperature and maintain a steady indoor temperature to avoid drastic changes in your plumbing. Keep your kitchen cabinet doors open, allowing the warm air to reach the pipes. Let water trickle from faucets to release any pressure within the pipes that could lead to freezing. 
  • Locate your home's main water valve: In case of an emergency, you'll need to access this valve quickly to reduce damage.

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